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I can’t stay up til midnight to say Happy Birthday to Roc :(  But happy birthday Roc 🎉😍😘  Yay finally 17 ❗️❗️ I hope you have a safe and wonderful day my love 🎉😭
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Anonymous whispered: I just got an IG account and i wanna know some good pages to follow.

i don’t know what kinds you want, but i’ll tell you my favourites. you could follow me, @mindless_canada :3

@weheartomg, @whycreg, @pinkcookiedimples, @officialmindlessnation, @kingraytrendyme, @spiffy_boii_santo, @2wicethetacos, @rayunseen_pics, @mindlessbehaviortaughtus, @rocswhitegirl, @hashtagprinceton, @trendybandz, @omgxmb.edits, @ilyprince, @princeismyroc, @walt_fademeout, @lmsnedits, @mbunseen_pics & @mindlesstoronto

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Am I the only one who finds it weird that it was all Niagara Falls in the draws when edits of Roc smoking weed were made and stories of him bein gangsta but when the real thing happens no one likes it? o_O

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“Fans bring out the best in me.”

When you see it

This shit had me dead 😭
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Anonymous whispered: I hope you seen the video of roc royal beating an old man over 10$

I don’t know how late I am on seeing this message but yes, I saw it.

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